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Sonic Arts and Live Electronic Music

Description and Objectives


Throughout the course students will obtain broad and holistic knowledge of the electroacoustic medium, from historical, technical, and creative points of view.


Students will learn the basics of MIDI applications as well as tools and techniques of sound recording, editing, and processing, through hands-on projects using digital audio workstations and interactive programming languages such as Reaper and Pure Data.


Topics discussed in this course include: a brief history of the evolution of electronic music; main components and functionalities of audio/MIDI sequencers; MIDI and its applications; physics of sound and basic acoustics; sound recording techniques, digital representations of sound; audio editing and processing; sampling; methods of sound synthesis; real-time MIDI sequencing and audio processing; and others.


Through listening, discussion, and writing students will also cultivate the analytical skills required for studying and examining electroacoustic compositions.


The techniques learned in the course are practiced in short creative assignments. It is expected that by the end of the course students will have developed skills and creative perspectives in using these tools and techniques in composition and sound design. For the final project, students will utilize their knowledge and skills of sound design to create an abstract electroacoustic composition.



Required Materials


Readings as well as listening studies will be assigned from various sources during the course. No textbook is required.

A pair of headphones with a 1/8-inch jack for monitoring the work

Portable data storage for the projects


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