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Ensemble Playing

Description and Objectives


This course is focused on developing the skills required to perform effectively with other musicians in the context of a music ensemble. During this course, students learn and practice the art of coordinating and communicating with other instrumentalists to form an integrated whole, while maintaining their individuality.


A main part of this course involves playing purposeful etudes each focusing on a specific musical element that challenges performers when playing in an ensemble: following a conductor; giving cues and becoming the conductor for a brief moment; playing in unison, balancing different dynamics; understanding metric changes; synchronizing homorhythmic sections; passing scalar passages to each other; playing tonal and modal chord progressions in tune; treating accompaniment textures in an artistic way; and changing the tempo, among others. Along with working on these etudes, students perform compositions for various combinations of their instruments, where they put their knowledge and skills into perspective.


Developing aural skills is another important component of this course. This includes a focus on sight reading skills, intonation accuracy, rhythmic and metric training, as well as listening, imitating, and responding in the context of controlled improvisation sessions. Critical contribution in class activities and discussions is also of great importance.


By the end of this course students are expected to have developed the necessary fundamental skills for being an attentive and effective member of a music group.


For the final project students will compose a short piece for the class ensemble. These compositions together with a selection of the practiced repertoire will be performed at the end of the course.





No textbook is required. Listening and practicing material from various sources will be assigned during the course. A pencil and a music notebook are required for taking notes.


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