Music lessons are offered in our music studios in Coquitlam and Port Moody, and online.

Flute Lessons

Description and Objectives


These lessons have an emphasis on breathing and sound quality from the very beginning, which makes the progression to advanced levels very smooth. After establishing a correct breathing technique and learning how to produce a clear and rich sound out of the flute, fingering and other technical elements are discussed and combined with these tone production techniques in natural and unified manners.


Along with learning the basics of the physical aspect of flute playing, musical interpretation is another point of focus. This entails a study of characteristics of different musical styles from the perspective of articulation, phrasing, tempo flexibility, dynamics, and an exploration of students’ own personal musical vision, which allows for expression with a more in-depth musical understanding.


The lessons are designed based on age, level and musical taste of students. Very young students, if interested, start by learning the recorder flute, which is easier to learn and prepares them for a smooth transition to the transverse flute. Students with a prior background in flute playing are encouraged to continue their journey based on their interests and future objectives.


Finally, for students interested in preparing for RCM exams, music theory, ear training and other parts of the examination are included in the lessons.

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