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Music Appreciation

Description and Objectives


What does it mean to understand a piece of music? The answer to this question is in fact not that complex: If you find a piece of music agreeable to you, it means that you understand it. Having said that, understanding and appreciating music is something that can be developed through listening to and studying music.


This course involves a broad and diverse study of music from historical, theoretical, practical, and creative perspectives.


The topics discussed in this course include: the physics of sound as one of the strongest factors in the evolution of music; the human perception and musical elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, tonality, and form; a holistic historical/theoretical overview of the important transformations of music from the early times to the twenty-first century; the similarities and differences of Western music to the music of some of the other regions of the world, the music of our time, among others.


Attentive and critical listening is exercised through commenting on various musical elements of the numerous compositional examples that are discussed throughout the course.


Developing basic aural skills such as a practice of the principles of time divisions, musical pitch distance, and some of the fundamental musical harmonic colors is another important component of this course.


For the final project, students present an aural analysis of one of their favorite compositions of all times. Using the listening and analytical skills learned in this course, students attempt to understand exactly which musical characteristics of their favorite composition capture their imagination.


It is expected that by the end of the course students will have developed a broad and multifaceted understanding of the different musical styles and genres, which will enrich their listening experience as a music admirer.





Listening, reading and practicing material from various sources will be assigned during the course. A pencil and a music notebook are required for taking notes.

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