Music lessons are offered in our music studios in Coquitlam and Port Moody, and online.

Violin Lessons

Description and Objectives


In these lessons students focus on two important aspects of violin playing through working on music they enjoy, namely developing proper physical technique and training the ears to achieve good intonation. The technique discussion and practice are aimed at helping students play the instrument with ease and comfort, while the ear training is targeted at developing musicianship skills that enable them to find the pitches on an unfretted instrument by ear.


The lessons are customized to students’ age, level, and interests. Based on these factors, a violin method book containing both repertoire and technical exercises is adopted for each student. Repertoire choices are made collaboratively between teacher and student to ensure that students are emotionally engaged with the music. These pieces are in different styles including classical, popular, and folk music, among others.


For the online lessons, other than the regular lesson time through Skype, students send biweekly videos of their performance to their teacher and receive detailed feedback, which helps them ensure that they are on the right track with their practice during the week.


Studying and understanding music theory is another important component of this course.

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